Friday, October 12, 2012

Meet the Castle Pines Staff!


Meet the folks who work hard to create the Little Library that Could. Starting back in the early days of library services in Castle Pines to the present.

Original Opening Day Crew: Kyra Hahn, Amy Long, Sarah Tweed, Beth Dalton (not pictured), Jill Swanstrom, Lori Sanchez, Joanne Fields-Daley, Cherie Ellingson, Diedre Van Ry, Sharon Lauchner.

New Team members for 2012!
Kate Prestwood, Jill Swanstrom, Joanne Fields-Daley, Lori Sanchez, Aspen Walker, Emily McCabe, Sarah Tweed, Cherie Ellingson, Deidre Van Ry, Aimee Oldenburg, Kyra Hahn, Reta O'Rear (not pictured)

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