Friday, October 12, 2012

Meet the Volunteer Committee

The Castle Pines Fundraising Campaign Committee was created in 2011. Made up almost entirely of community volunteers, the members had all had a hand in the original fundraising efforts of 2008.

The group was made up of volunteers from the Chamber of Commerce, Local businesses, community members, members of the City Council, members of the library staff, and library volunteers.

Members of the group are: Mayor Huff, Sharon Kollmar, Carla Kenny, Warren Lynge, Darren Everett, Linda Day, Vicky Kellen, Sarah Tweed, Joan Milspaugh, Terri Wiebold, Aspen Walker and Amy Long. 

In 2011 Sharon, Carla, Joan, Linda, Vicky and Warren won a DOVIA award (Directors of Volunteers in Agencies) at their annual "We Count on You" awards luncheon for the Denver Metro Area. We were able to honor their contribution to the community and thank them for all their time and hard work they dedicated to keeping the Castle Pines Library going!

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