Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Here's a chronology of progress for how we travelled from humble mobile beginnings, ventured over a slightly bumpy unmarked road, to end up with a 2,300 square foot leased storefront branch.  This goal was successfully achieved during poor economic conditions, without tax increases, all while serving to bring people together and build community!
  • 2009 -- Storefront library opens in Castle Pines North (September)
    • Community raised $50,000
      • Pancake Breakfast (Fall)
      • Author reception (August)
      • Community Book Sale/Swap (August)
      • Children's Book Swap (August)
  • 2011 -- Fundraising continues with new goal of raising $90,000 to cover branch operation costs
    • Library fundraising campaign committee formed to coordinate volunteer efforts
    • Fundraising committee organized a variety of activities
      • Dining events
        • Dine Arounds at local restaurants (August / January--May 2012)
        • Pancake breakfast
      • King Soopers gift cards (ongoing)
    •  Library fundraising campaign committee wins Volunteer Group of the Year "DOVIA" award [Directors of Volunteers in Agencies] (September)
    • City of Castle Pines donates $50,000 over 3 years [$25,000 in 2011 / $15,000 in 2012 / $10,000 in 2013]
  • 2012 -- City visually demonstrates partnership with and actively promotes library
      • Universal library signage on main road
      • Window film graphic design installation at library with city logo (May)
    • Chamber of Commerce "Sponsor Library For A Day" (ongoing) -- celebrating and promoting community events and honoring donors on flat screen display monitor within the library
    • Fundraising goal of $90,000+ achieved more that 1 year ahead of schedule (September)

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